Game Design

Asterix Game

Bullet Point 1  Since March 2018: Junior Game Designer

Tom Clancy's The Division 2: Part of the Game Design team in Annecy, working along with other Ubisoft studios across the world.

Asterix Game

Bullet Point 1  January 2017: Global Game Jam 2017

Magic Mush - The Oak Guardian: Game created during 2017's Global Game Jam. You are Shiitake, a Mushroom Magician sent to overcome the waves of undead mushrooms threatening the Great Oak and the beings living around it. Load spells by talking into your microphones. Depending on the loudness of your voice, different spells will be cast, and kill different types of enemies. So, warm up your vocal cords, and save the Mushroom Nation ! You will need a microphone and gamepad to play the game.
Time: 2 days. Team: 6 people.

My tasks: Game design and game balance, narration, UI scripting.

Asterix Game

Bullet Point 1  June – July 2014: Freelance Junior Game Designer at Neopica.

Asterix, The Mansion of the Gods: Party Game for children developed for 3DS. Based on the comic book “Astérix et le Domaine des Dieux” (R.Goscinny and A.Uderzo), and released along with the animated movie.
Time: 4 months. Team: 15 people.

My tasks: write all the dialogs in the game, design new mini games gameplays, keep all the documents up to date.

Key achievement: writing dialogs respecting the story and the Asterix general spirit, while fitting into the narrative structure of the game.

English Party

Bullet Point 2  Winter 2012: Lead Designer and Project Manager.

English Party was a Student project. Serious party game to made to practice English. Suited for children 10-11 years old to help them going from A1 to A2 according to CEFRL (CECRL in french). Designed to support English classes.

Time: 1 month to develop a prototype for Android tablets, using Flash.

Team: 2 Lead Designers, 4 Game Designer/Level Designer, 3 Developers and 3 Artists.

My tasks: along with another Lead designer, design the whole game, supervise the team, and manage the development.

Refugee Camp

Bullet Point 3  2012: Award winning concept : Refugee Camp/Human Starter.

Ganuta is a creativity contest between students from the various Art and Communication Schools of the Rhône Alpes region, gathered into five people teams. The specifications were given by the International Red Cross Committee: we had to create new and innovative concepts of fund raising in order to attract a younger audience toward humanitary causes. We developed a concept mixing a facebook game (like Farmville 2 by Zynga) with a crowfunding website (like Kickstarter), raising awareness on humanitarian emergencies throughout the world and allowing players to give money to precise humanitarian projects through their purchases in the game and their donations on the website.

Time : 24 hours, at the end of which we had to perform a small speech presenting our work, to an audience of professionals.

Team: 1 artist, 1 music composer, 1 web designer and 1 game designer (myself).

Key achievement: This project won the contest.

Dev Tester


Bullet Point 1  September 2016 - Now : Dec Tester at Ubisoft Annecy.

Steep : Ubisoft Annecy celebrates its beloved mountains in this game full of speed and snow. Through four different activities (snowbord, ski, paraglide and wingsuit), explore the most famous mountains in the world, challenge your friend and share your best achievement with the community.

My tasks: I am currently involved in the production of one particular title update (not announced yet), as a World Dev Tester. This means that my tasks are focused on testing the world of the game every day during from the early stages of its development until release, and giving feedbacks to the world team, which gathers Houdini artists, level designers, level artists and technical artists.

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost Recon Wildlands : One of the best sellers of year 2017, GR Wildlands is an Open world shooter situated in Bolivia, taken over by a huge drug cartel. You are part of a commando sent to help the rebellion get rid of both the cartel and the corrupt government.

My tasks: Annecy's team was specialized in the online part of the game. We tested everything related to this, replication, matchmaking, session merging, simulating various game network conditions. We worked closely with Ubisoft Paris and Montpellier, the other studios involved in the project.

The Division

Tom Clancy's The Division: One of the best sellers of year 2016, The Division is an Open World Action RPG situated in New York after a pandemy devastated the city. You are a special agent sent by the government to take back control over the big apple.

My tasks: Test the game's various updates and assets, working closely to the Dev team in Annecy and in other Ubisoft studios, like Redstorm and Massive.

Artwork for Hibou

Bullet Point 5  2013: Design of a game concept: Hibou.

Inspired by World of Goo (2D Boy), Hibou (owl in French) is a puzzle game designed for tablets. Using the devices’ gyroscope, it proposes a gameplay similar to the indie game The Bridge (Ty Taylor and Mario Castañeda): the player must turn the device in order to make the level rotate around the character, in order to help him escape every level. This concept was presented as a potential end of year project.

Time: 3 months, on my spare time.

Team: first solo, then along with 3 other game designers, 2 artists and one programmer.

Artwork for Red's Hunt

Bullet Point 6  2012: Design of a game concept: Red’s Hunt.

Red’s Hunt is a third person survival/adventure game, for PC and consoles. In a Steampunk universe, the player embodies a 20 years old Little Red Riding Hood coming back to kill the Big Bad Wolf, called the Beast. The gameplay is inspired by Dead Space (Visceral Games) and The Witcher (CD Projekt)

Wandering in the Forest, the player must fight dangerous animals, learns how to use herbs and materials, track the Beast, and find it… before it finds him.

Time: Several iterations, on a 6 months scale, on my spare time.

Team : solo.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing

 Le Chant Ultime : Dialogs.   Texte en Français

  Example of dialog writing : two friends meet again after a long time apart.

 Elle : a sad love story.   Text in English   Text in French

  A man sells all his possession in order to buy a potion that he hopes will fix his love life.

 The Mist : a Post-Apocalyptic short story.   Text in English   Texte en Français

  After a nuclear war, a village stands by a huge patch of fog, called The Mist. The Mist is reputedly haunted my monsters nobody has ever seen, but who can sometimes be heard, playing their terrifying music.

 Frank had only one talent : Western Short story.   Text in English   Text in French

  Frank, a mole living in a graveyard with his family, is bullied by three vultures who force him to dig up the recently buried corpses so they can eat them. The poor animal needs a solution to get rid of these lousy birds.

 Silence : Short story in a Steampunk universe(extract).   Text in French

  A little orphan girl is taken to a dark orphanage where children are forced to work. Between the cruelty of the adults and the one of the other children, she manages to survive, thanks to her cunning and her lack of compassion.

French Localisation

Train Simulator 2016

Bullet Point 1  July 2015 - August 2016: French Localisation Specialist and QA Tester at Dovetail Games.

Train Simulator 2016: Train driving simulator. The company's best selling title. Allows the player to drive real life trains on real life routes. The world's most popular and most realistic train simulation. Team : 4 (company: more than 120)

My tasks: Check and translate the French localisation of the game, Manage the French community around the game, Test the ingame localisation.

Euro Fishing

Euro Fishing: Coarse fishing simulator. In this game, the player can discover fishing around lakes, trying to catch them with various fishing techniques, and competing with his friends in multiplayer arenas. Team : 4 (company: more than 120)

My tasks: Check and translate the French localisation of the game, Manage the French community around the game, Test the ingame localisation.

Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator X: The world famous flight simulator. Re-release of the legendary simulator on Steam. In this game, players can fly in various planes and helicopter, for a realistic and fun experience. Team : 4 (company: more than 120)

My tasks: Test the ingame localisation.

Flight School

Dovetail Games Flight Shcool: A follow up to FSX, made by Dovetail Games. Presented as the flight simulator of the future, using today's graphics and techniques to put up an even greater experience. Team : 4 (company: more than 120)

My tasks: heck and translate the French localisation of the game, Manage the French community around the game, Test the ingame localisation.