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Currently Junior Game Designer at Ubisoft Annecy

  Storytelling has always been a passion of mine. Watching plots, characters and whole worlds come to life thanks to well crafted narratives in short stories, novels, video-games and movies has always left me feeling inspired and invigorated. I believe that the interactive nature of video-games makes them one of the most powerful storytelling mediums and I love how gameplays and rules design allow Game Designers to not only tell a great story, but to make someone actually live it as a true personal experience.

  My understanding of the principles of dramaturgy, along with a firm grasp of game mechanics and rules, allows me to design games with an emphasis on their narrative value. I am also able to write dialog and scenarios, both in French and English, and my ability to synthessize is one of my best assets. However, I know that there is always something more to learn and I am constantly trying to improve my craft and expand my skill-set.