Red's Hunt artwork

Bullet Point 1  Red’s Hunt is a third-person survival and adventure game in a Steampunk fairytale world.

The story: it’s been twenty years since the last attack of the Beast, a.k.a Big Bad Wolf. Everyone believes the Hunter killed it for good when saving the Little Red Riding Hood. But people start to die again in the forest, attacked by a huge and mysterious beast. The Little Red Riding Hood, called Red, and now in her twenties, decides to go to the Forest and kill The Beast once and for all. But she will soon realize that there are more than only one Beast.

Gameplay: The player embodies Red in her adventure. Every level of the game is divided into two parts: the Village, where the player can rest and trade, and the Forest, a wide area full of dangers and secrets. The core gameplay is the relationship between Red and The Beast. At first, Red is the hunter, tracking her prey. The Beast is too strong to be defeated unprepared, and the player must explore the Forest, in order to find clues about its strengths and weaknesses, craft potions and poisons with the local herbs, and build traps. But the Beast can spot the player first, turning him into its prey, finding him unprepared with no other choice than run away and hide.

Numerous game mechanics gravitate around this gameplay, requesting the player to use his sense of observation, his memory, and of course his reflexes. Many different plants and herbs can be found in the Forest, along with wild animals, sometimes preys (deers, rabbits), sometimes dangerous (wolves, giant centipedes). Granma Houses can also be found, allowing the player to save the game.

References: The Little Red Riding Hood, Dead Space (Visceral Games), The Witcher (CD Projekt)

Paris 1620 Intro

Bullet Point 2  Paris 1620 is a strategy and anticipation game, for 3 to 6 players, which is taking place in a colourful Old Paris, full of black humor and literature and history references.

The story: In the wake of Renaissance, arts and science continue to blossom in the French capital. Surgery in particular, is in progress. But the Church suddenly decides that it is forbidden to practice vivisection on human corpses. They say it’s a sin. Whatever. In order to find “raw material”, the students and surgeon have no choice but to hire dirty, dark and lawless adventurers: the players!

Gameplay: The board is divided into different places, sometimes famous ones, like the Bastille, the Louvre, the Courtyard of Miracles or Notre-Dame. Each of these places represent an action that the players can choose… or fight for. Many actions can be engaged in, like fight duels, buy objects, or just get drunk at the Tavern, but the core gameplay is to dig up some body parts and go to the University of Medicine to sell them before they rot! The price of these body parts changes throughout the game, following a game mechanism that simulates supply and demand.

Special events come up at every turn and add new provisional rules, to spice things up a little. And also, there are the city guards who are patrolling and may arrest you because of, you know… that dead hand in your bag!

The game lasts for about 1h30 of fun and competition between the players, when you hear yourself say things like “What is the price for a head already?” or “Great, I just found Quasimodo’s spine, I’m gonna be rich !”.

Eventually, the player with the more Victory Points wins.

References: Pillars of the Earth (Michael Rieneck and Stefan Stadler), Game of Throne (Christian T. Petersen).

Hibou's characters

Bullet Point 3  Hibou (owl in French) is a puzzle game designed for tablets.

The story: A long time ago, a war took place between wolves and foxes. Nobody won, and the conflict ended on a consensus: wolves would live during the day, and foxes during the night. In order to ensure that they would not run into each other, Hibou, an owl, was designated to be used as a talking clock, warning everyone when the night would end and when the day would begin. But tonight, Hibou has had enough. He is the last heir of a proud dynasty of majestic birds, he is very full of himself, and he cannot stand for one more second his position in the society. He feels degraded. And since the Moon has become his only friend, he decides to run away and go live over there. His trip will take him through the abandoned human village where he lives, to the forest, the mountain, and finally, the moon. There, he will discover it has been colonized by the Hamsters people… but that is another story.

Gameplay: Every level in Hibou is a square that the character has to escape. To do so, the player must turn his device around, using the gyroscope to rotate the whole level around Hibou. This will allow him to avoid some traps, or reach a previously unattainable part. The player has no control over the character, who goes forward no matter what, and must help him find his way out.

Reference: World of Goo (2D Boy).

Here are a few artworks that were made for the game.